Thompson Billiard Tables can supply anything and everything billiards. We enjoy working closely with our customers to make sure we create tables which are special, meaningful and an absolute pleasure to play on.

We can:

• Design and build complete custom billiards, pool and snooker tables
• Build tables to match your space requirements
• Build themed tables to match your atmosphere
• Provide new tables
• Fully restore your table
• Customise your pre-loved table
• Complete major repairs and rebuilds
• Supply all billiards accessories including lights, cues, balls, pockets etc..

Table Descriptions

Tables can always be more customised with different size buttons, cover or sliding panels, flush mounting fitting, legs size and styles, stain colours we can colour match existing furniture and much much more.

Click below to read more about our table Descriptions:

• Maverick Billiard Tables
• Princess Billiard Tables
• Royal Billiard Tables
• Royal Deluxe Billiard Tables
• Traditional Billiard Tables